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Never Do These Things Plumbing

Plumbing issues can get complicated. Imagine trying to fix a broken sewer line or doing a hydro  jetting  with no experience.  Issues like these most customers should never try and do though some would. Many lack the proper equipment to try and do these types of plumbing jobs. However there are other jobs in plumbing which seem more simple that we may try and do. Let it be clear we are not saying that you can not do these  things as there are tons of articles on Google and videos on yelp. What we are saying is be careful because as someone once said the hardest things in  life look easy.


Using Liquid Drain Cleaning Agents

These tore bough products are suppose to assist with clogs and pouring this liquid down the drain is suppose to do the job. Sure the chemicals in the cleaner eat away at the clog but they also attack anything else. This means your metals that compose the pipes. Stick with the traditional snake from a plumber for these issues. Think of it this way a typical snake for kitchen sink can cost say $ 125 dollars. Your drain cleaner may only cost 10 dollars but the damage that can be caused is it worth it? Not to mention the cleaner may not even clear your line. You can even get the do it yourself snakes at Walmart in their plumbing section if you really do not want to pay a plumber. See more here at Walmart’s Online Store ” Walmart Plumbing Supplies”

Pouring Coffee Grounds Into The Sink

Coffee grounds are sticky and when they are wet they lump together and add weight. When they bond they get more dense and can hold water inside. This can cause future issues. Use a napkin or cloth to get those grounds before you wash them away. 

Do not pour grease down the drain

Grease is a horrible substance to pour down your sink. Grease clogs pipes and it also causes other substances to bind to them making it perfect for clogging drains. Think of when fruit gets combined with grease it begins to rot. It is much better to get your grease and pour in into a paper bag or simply pout it in the trashcan, You can even get creative and dig a hole and pour it in the ground.

Flushing Ladies Products

Tampons are not meant for the toilet they are meant to be thrown in the trash . When you flush waste down the toilet it goes into pipes before being thrown into the sewer. Tampons are meant to retain liquid, think about that. So when you are flushing them into the toilet they retain water and clog drains.Toilet paper is made to be flushed and break down in water. Napkins, paper towels and tampons are all made to absorb water not break down in it.

Before You Buy A Home

Before you buy your home you should  have a plumber come inspect your Water Heater and other plumbing issues. Since most of plumbing is unseen it does not hurt to pay a professional plumber to come out and get your system. How would you know if the water heater is old and about ready to go out, or how would you know if you had a bad sewer line unless a plumber came and it a camera inspection.

Buy A Hair Strainer

If you have long hair those hairs shed and can cause good money to get them unclogged. A cheap hair strainer can save you $$$

Know Your System

When things go bad and you need to know how to turn off your water you need to know how to do so. If your home is flooding and you have to wait for a plumber knowing where your water turnoff is can save you tons of money in damage. Many years ago I remember being at  friends and his toilet started overflowing I called a plumber and he assisted me quick in getting the water turned off. Although he helped that 3 min delay caused so much water damage. Had I know the source of the turn off I would had saved myself a lot of headache.

Water Bill High ?

Looking for an easy way to figure out if the water bill is high. Shut off all the fixtures if the numbers keep moving you can have a hidden leak.

Hanging Things From Pipes

Do not hang clothes or other  items from pipes that are exposed, you can break them and cause major damage.

Old Toilets Are Not As Easy As They Seem

  Sometimes we want a new toilet and think its an easy switch. If the toilet seat is older and has metal bolts, you might have to use hacksaw, not unscrew it.

 Keep the toilet cover down, especially if you have small kids, so toys and hairbrushes won’t fall into the toilet.