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Sammamish Ductless Mini Split

Summer is underway, so the demand for Sammamish ductless mini split systems is rising. Joe’s Plumbing Co. provides swift and cost-effective repair and maintenance services to these ductless mini split owners in Sammamish, WA. If you own a ductless mini split, we can help you too.

Our Sammamish ductless mini split repair technicians will inspect, deep-clean, repair (if needed), and lubricate all internal components of your AC unit. Our Sammamish ductless mini split technicians deal with:

  • Ductless heating and air
  • Ductless air conditioner
  • Best ductless air conditioner
  • Wall AC unit ductless

If your precious new-age cooling device shows signs of damage, call (206) 690-3362 now to discuss the matter with our Sammamish ductless mini split repair team. Schedule a visit with our technicians. We will be at your service in no time!

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Sammamish Mini Split AC

Mini split AC units are relatively cheap. They can be installed in small spaces like basements or bathrooms. That is why Sammamish mini split AC units are popular among new-age homeowners. Joe’s Plumbing Co. has set up a special Sammamish mini split AC servicing team to serve such customers.

Our Sammamish mini split AC team is full of licensed technicians with expertise in repairing all types of AC units. Our Sammamish mini split AC repair team can help you with:

  • Split system AC
  • Split window air conditioner
  • Small split AC
  • Split air conditioning system

High-quality mini-split ACs can easily last 8-10 years if given quick repairs and regular maintenance. If your AC unit is younger than that, our team can help increase its lifespan. Call (206) 690-3362 now to learn more about our Sammamish mini split AC repair services!

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Sammamish Mini Split

Joe’s Plumbing Co. is the leading provider of preventative maintenance plans for mini split systems. From unblocking drain hoses to fixing broken run capacitors, our Sammamish mini split air conditioner maintenance plans cover everything. Our Sammamish mini split servicing helps your machine consistently perform at peak levels.

As part of our Sammamish mini split plan, we will also deep-clean and lubricate every internal component of your AC. Our Sammamish mini split plans cover:

  • Split system heat pump
  • Ductless split system
  • Split units
  • Split HVAC

Do you want your brand-new mini-split AC to last for ten years or longer? Our customized Sammamish mini split air conditioner maintenance plans can help you achieve that goal. Call our experts now at (206) 690-3362 to set up a maintenance plan that suits your cooling needs and schedule!